What We Do

Daspara Nabadisha Education & Welfare Society


Education plays an important role in shaping one’s future and career brighter. It helps people to earn recognition and respect in the society. However, many unprivileged students are still facing challenges to continue their educational journey. To address this issue, we have been running free coaching for such students from remote area villages for free of cost since 2014.
We have been organizing block-level special preparation camps for the x-xii board examination every year’s since 2016. We also provided block-level board examinee felicitation and scholarship for about 86 poor marginalized rural students of Chopra block under Uttar Dinajpur and Jalpaiguri district to help them overcome their financial challenges and fulfil their educational dreams.

Nabadisha Public Library, a modern library with different collections of 1200+ books is being operated by us to foster the habit of reading book from 2016.We are running an ST Institution at Majhialy GP of Chopra Block under Uttar Dinajpur District of West Bengal since 2019 where children from Schedule Tribe communities are receiving elementary education without any cost. Regular educational seminars on challenging, counselling of un-employed educated youth are also being arranged by our DNEWS.


Daspara Nabadisha Education & Welfare Society is dedicated to improving rural health through various initiatives. Since 2014, we’ve conducted Free Eye Check-up and cataract operation camps in remote villages of Chopra Block. As a part of Swachh Bharat Mission, we have joined Mission Nirmal Bangla project through which we’ve built over 4500 Individual Household Latrines since 2016 in rural Uttar Dinajpur.
We also organize regular volunteer blood donation camps to help the needy ones especially thalassemia patients. General Health Check-ups, and free Blood Group tests are also organized by our organization to benefit underprivileged communities.
Recently We also have arranged specialized medical camps to address the health needs of marginalized people along the Indo-Bangladesh border. Through all these health projects, we are striving to make a positive impact on the well-being of rural residents of Uttar Dinajpur.

Women Empowerment

Since our inception, we annually establish Self Help Groups (SHGs) for women, conducting awareness meetings to provide financial training and promote the adoption of social security schemes. In 2018, we organized the National Voluntary Week in Chopra Block, focusing on community mobilization and empowering socially and economically disadvantaged communities through SHG women leaders. The USHA Silai School project, completed in 2020 across six districts in North Bengal, trained 8000+ SC/ST women and linked 3478+ to government schemes. Our LEDP programs include Herbal Mosquito Repellent and low-cost sanitary napkin making, with credit linkage for SHGs in Ghirnigaon Gp, Uttar Dinajpur. Partnering with IIFL Foundation and NIIT Foundation, we’ve made a substantial impact on women’s financial and digital literacy in Uttar Dinajpur District. Over 2000 beneficiaries have benefited from the “DHANSAMVAAD” program in the 2020-2021 financial year.


A little effort toward saving the environment is better than no effort. Our environment serves as the foundation of life on Earth, providing us with the resources and necessities we need to survive. But, over the years, unthoughtful human activity has caused significant harm to the environment, leading to pollution, deforestation, and climate change. Our commitment to environmental protection involves various initiatives, such as conservation, restoration, tree plantation, and education. We strive to raise awareness on crucial topics like water conservation, solid waste management, and achieving a plastic-free and green India. Through programs like Clean Village Green Village, we promote sustainable practices, aiming to safeguard our planet and Mother Nature for the well-being of future generations.


To uplift the livelihoods of marginalized individuals, our project “UNNATI” has been empowering rural marginalized women since 2019. Under this project, in our Nabadisha Tailoring School, Nabadisha Sanitary Napkin basic training, and beautician training are being provided for economic independence. Additionally, we offer free Basic Computer Training for unemployed youth, fostering employability. We also collaborated with NABARD under the Livelihood Enterprise & Development Programme (LEDP), where we conducted a successful training and credit linkage program from September to December 2020. 30 selected SHGs and 90 women were trained in producing “Herbal Mosquito Repellent Agarbati.” Many beneficiaries have sustained their livelihoods post-training, securing bank loans through our ongoing credit linkage and monitoring efforts. These initiatives strive to empower and ensure sustainable livelihoods for the marginalized.

Skill Development

In the present situation, having specific skills are most required thing for job aspirants. Understanding the significance of skills, we initiated Free Basic Computer Training (Skill Up-gradation) for underprivileged students in remote villages of North Dinajpur and Jalpaiguri Districts since 2015. Our initiative focuses on providing computer knowledge and skill development to first-generation learners, benefiting around 300+ students annually. Additionally, we’ve organized workshops on the Digital World Campaign, offering training on smartphone handling and online payment apps.
In collaboration with NYK-Uttar Dinajpur, we conducted a 3-month Mushroom Cultivation Training Programme at the Chopra Block level, enabling 30 trainees to complete their training at no cost. These efforts contribute to skill enhancement, economic empowerment, and sustainable livelihoods in the community.


In 2019-2020. we organized the Government of India’s FIT INDIA Programme, a Cycle Rally In collaboration with NYKS Jalpaiguri and a Theme-Based Awareness and Education program at Chopra Block Level in collaboration with NYKS-Uttar Dinajpur
Digital India. We also have continued our engagement with NYK-Uttar Dinajpur, organizing various youth-focused programs like Covid-19 Wall Writing awareness, Youth for Peace Day, Clean Village Green Village.
For youth empowerment, we annually organize sports events such as football, cricket, and volleyball tournaments at the local level where participants were awarded certificates and celebrated with a cultural program.. Since 2010, we have conducted Un-Organized Labor and Youth Welfare Training Programs in collaboration with the Central Board of Workers Education, Government of India, Siliguri Regional Centre. Our consistent efforts aim to promote youth engagement, well-being, and community development.


Awareness Generation

Daspara Nabadisha is tirelessly fostering awareness among marginalized communities on societal aspects like education, health, employment, and livelihood upliftment. Through seminars and workshops, we enlighten communities on the importance of education. Health awareness is spread through check-up and blood donation camps, emphasizing the significance of staying healthy and contributing through blood donation. Our training programs focus on creating employment opportunities for rural unemployed youth. Environmental protection efforts stress the importance of a clean, green, and pollution-free environment. Our commitment to awareness will persist in the future.